A New Endeavor

This phrase could apply to so many things going on with me of late, but today it refers to this blog post…this blogging space. I’ve been “threatening” to blog for some time and de facto doing so with my many Twitter threads, e.g., this recent mini-thread on my personal views about the great importance of holding the views of affirmation and acclamation in their rightful places

I also received a “blog” as a gift, or a not so subtle request (or demand) to do so from some friends, some time ago. I guess (or maybe hope) that this 2019 starting of a blog falls in the “better late than never” category.

I don’t yet have a grand vision for this space, nor a firm timeline for a frequency of posts; yet, it’s here, I’m here, and I look forward to seeing (along with you) what develops!

If you want to interact on this or future posts, find me on Twitter at @BerondaM