Walking boldly into fall…

Some of you are more prepared to “fall” into fall than to walk into it boldy.

New “school years” or new academic terms are (or soon will be) upon many of us. Many academics are currently spending significant time and energy lamenting the things that they did NOT accomplish in summer. An alternative is to celebrate WELL those things that were a success and then to pivot your time and energy to reflecting on what goals you have for fall.

Once your goals are clear, craft a specific plan of implementation on how you’ll draw on your strengthens and learn from prior stumbles in moving those forward.

Plan intentionally for walking into fall with your eyes firmly on the opportunities that lie ahead to advance your goals rather than looking in the “rear view mirror” at the ways in which summer may not have gone the way your planned or hoped.

I lead by example so I’m preparing to celebrate my successes during my final week of summer , and to go on a mini-retreat to reflect on my MAJOR plans for fall.

I’ve got this…and so do you!

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